Finally, I finished Drakengard Ending E

2019-02-25 - NieR and Drakengard

Today, I finished the Drakengard Ending E. I’d remember it is the April last year I purchased the game. I finished this game ten month later, though.

Basically to introduce, Drakengard is the source of story to NieR:Automata. Caim, as the lord of a Union castle, guards her sister – the Goddess Furiae, who carries the last seal that protects the world.

The Empire, opposite to the Union, seeks the entire reconstruction to the world. Thus they broke the seal everywhere and finally kills Furiae to break the last seal. The “Seed of Resurrection” finally releasing, human race plunges to gloom.

This game has multi-ending.

In Ending A – the Anguish of an unsmiling watcher – Caim defeated the Imperial priestess Manah. The red dragon, who made pact with Caim, sacrificed herself and become the world’s seal again. At the final moment, the red dragon told Caim her name is Angelus. Seemingly that the human race is saved, there are still significant loss. For audience and player as I, it is not acceptable.

In Ending B – flowers for Broken spirit – Inuart, fiance of Furiae, put Furiae’s corpse to the “Seed of Resurrection” in wish to bring her back to life. However, Furiae’s revive brought herself endless resent to the world. She remained no love to neither Caim nor Inuart. I’d say this ending is completely due to Inuart’s twisted love. This ending is the only ending that plays background music with lyrics. This song is set as my blog’s BGM now.

In Ending C – a Companion’s eternal farewell – Caim fights Angelus and defeated Angelus by the fate. As he destroys the “Seed of Resurrection” on the Imperial Altar, the land starts to crumble. Caim realizes a new fight will come. Raising his sword, Caim fearlessly rushes to exit. Caim and Angelus are definite fools, yet they defeated difficulties through their foolishness.

In Ending D – the wild dream of a Deluded child – Seere breaks his pact and releases all his time to stop the Grotesquery Queen’s control to the time. Grotesqueries floats and attacks Angelus and Caim. Angelus being devoured, Caim’s Sword falling, Seere prayed: “Will you forgive now, Manah?” At long last, the jumping hands of time will be halted in a weakling cast of eternal solitude. I fell into speechlessness.

In Ending E – the End of dragon sphere – Caim and Angelus fly to the Grotesquery Queen and are engulfed to a maze of whiteness where time and space are twisted. They finally lands to the sky of Shinjuku, Tokyo. Being defeated, the Grotesquery Queen begins to disintegrate to debris. As Angelus sighs that it is done at last, two air-force jets launched two missiles and shot down Angelus and Caim. Heroes’ blood spilled on Tokyo Tower, the world remains unforgiven. Thus in NieR’s world, human race doomed into extinct.

Yes, this is the masterpiece of Yoko Taro. Your greatest effort are always doomed to be in vain. The BGM played in Ending E is exactly a recording showing winds whistling all-around, rendering the vain effort you made.

As a matter of fact, Ending E is hard to achieve. On IGN and gamefaqs, there is a list telling you how to push buttons in a specific order so that you may complete the verse. However, I made hundreds of attempt and still failed the verse. Therefore, I suggest to play this verse on PCSX2 emulator and enable time-scaling. Things can be significantly easier if you enable time-scaling.

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