Virtualization Technology

NoirVisor Development Status Report by May 2019
Recently, I am very frustrated about porting NoirVisor to Windows 10. It seems that Microsoft has added many system features that NoirVisor is not aware [...]
Development Report of NoirVisor by Jan 2019
So, this is 2019! Unbelievable, I unconsciously passed a new year and was keeping my head under development.Briefly to say, I have implemented a basic HVM [...]
Return to Free Days
The bunched things are completed unexpectedly quick. At this time, I will return on updating my personal project – NoirVisor. The focus of [...]
Things bunched together
Recently, I stopped updating my personal project – NoirVisor – due to the bunched things (or tasks so to speak) “assigned” to me. [...]
A Simple Detection of Virtual Machine and Avoid the Detection.
Recently, I found a way to detect a hypervisor’s presence as I was reading the AMD64 Architecture Programmer’s Manual. The algorithm is easy. [...]
My Open-Source Virtualization Project: NoirVisor
Since last time I have posted the “Introduction to Hardware-Accelerated Virtualization Technology”, I have decided to make my virtualization [...]
Introduction to Hardware-Accelerated Virtualization Technology
Nowadays, Hardware-Accelerated Virtualization Technology is popular among kernel-mode development. The “New Blue-Pill” project is the first [...]